Zoomed-in, one layer disabled

Zoomed-in, one layer disabled 2011-05-01 0 Comments

Now compare this with the same image with the layer enabled. Notice how there are pixels showing here (layer disabled) that are BEHIND the layer in the other image (with layer enabled). Certain people are claiming that the automatic OCR feature of the scanning software caused the layers. This is an utter LIE, because there is no way there would be pixels BEHIND a text layer that OCR software would have pulled out. Even if this document was scanned at a resolution that was capable of OCR, and IF it did separate the layers, there would be COMPLETE WHITE behind EVERY PIXEL of text, and that is CLEARLY NOT THE CASE HERE. This is just one section of the document. Also, notice the edges of the layer text vs. non-layer text. Clearly doctored!!!





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