Here are some quotes followed by facts that I have found:

"If this was real, there would be some traces of a REAL EMBOSSED SEAL showing through from the backside of the document. Further, there are way too many oddities in this document, especially the layers in the pdf file, to be certain this is legit. For another thing, there is a date on this second-released b.c. that matches EXACTLY the date on one of the Nordyke twins. 1961 b.c. Looks like a simple cut-and-paste job to even the most casual eye.
So WHAT can we DO about any of it? That's the real question/dilemma!"

"Folks need to learn the difference between an ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE and a mere CERTIFICATION OF A LIVE BIRTH.
No ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE has ever yet surfaced (unless one from Kenya is floating around somewhere); the two .green. certificates are (apparently, based on expert opinions) doctored-up images that are not authentic. The only document that might contain fingerprints and/or footprints would be the authentic ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE.and also possibly some record from the hospital.
The documents .released. to date are mere .CERTIFICATIONS. of a birth that happened.and that birth could have happened *anywhere*, especially given that Hawaii is/was so LOOSE about .requirements. to receive a Hawaiian birth certificate. There is nothing in either .green. document that proves anything, except that people are gullible and we are all dealing with expert con-artists (imo).
What might show more information to prove or disprove things are other records, such as adoption records and/or parents. divorce records, school records, Draft records, DMV records, Social Security records, college records. Where are THEY?!"

"Ok, I.m not some conspiracy nut, but I have been using Illustrator and Photoshop since the early 90's, so I know a thing or two about what I am talking about.
First, there is now way you can scan a flat image and get layers out of it. This was created with a computer.
Second, after looking closely at this there is one glaring thing that lets me know this was tampered with. Look at 7e and 6d. In specific, the line .If no, give. and the box below it with the X typed into it. They are exactly the same..impossible if typing this with a typewriter..there is no way to line up the .x. exactly with a typewriter (I.m old enough to have used typewriters in high school).now look in the layers palette, the .no, g. and the box with X has been copied from line 6d and pasted into line 7e.
Anyone who knows Photoshop or Illustrator can see this clearly.
Groups (layer) 1& 2 is white distressing. Common in the photoshop world to create an old .distressed. look.
Layers 3 and 4 are the dates from Line 20 and 22. They are the same but slightly rotated to look different.
I could go on and on..
My opinion: This was intentionally released like this to create a stir among .birthers. so the white house can say, . see even when we release the birth certificate, they still aren.t satisfied. giving the impression that conservatives are wackos and racists. I think conservatives should stick to hitting Obama on his failed socialist policies..and not get baited into this obvious forgery."

"I agree 100%. A TOTAL FAKE! And a bad one at that! They want to keep this going to de-bunk the Republican efforts to take back the White House and the Senate in 2012.
Go to and watch the video dated 4/27/2011 on Proof that a photo-shop certificate was faked using the background of the Hawaii Birth Certificate posted on the web a while back by a gal who said she was born there the week BHO was supposed to have been born in Hawaii. This will be proven to be a fraud, just like Obama is himself a fraud! He is still a citizen of Indonesia and that makes him not eligible to be a sitting US President. Time to get him out of office and make him re-pay the American public for his wasteful spending and unconstitutional laws he is making without the consent of congress or the American voters."

"...After scanning that same document.zoom in very closely to 1 word and notice the edges of every letter- ALL contain pixel grading from dark to light. The Obama forgery has no pixel grading. This can only be done digitally. Scans ALWAYS create pixel grading. Obamaforger has no light to dark on the edges of the letters. Viola.a forgery."

"Interesting how little the Obama team thinks of us Americans. They think we are stupid enough to buy that African was used instead of Negro, that the hospital was named after a hospital whose name was given in 1978, the father is shown as African within the race box. Africa is a continent not a race. Place of birth; Kenya East Africa. Kenya did not exist until 1963. Somebody was forseeing the future in 1961. It will be fun to see them go to jail."

"I.m an expert who has exhaustively examined the evidence for 2 days and sees things differently. Most of the arguments found on the web that the birth certificate is a forgery can be discredited or are circumstantial at best. There is one that I haven.t yet read that I can.t discredit, or am I missing some information?
The only thing I haven.t been able to figure out is why the version of the certificate released by the AP (the one handed to reporters at the press conference) has no security background, yet the one posted by the White House on its website, the pdf, There is a serious problem with that that may not be obvious at first.
The problem is that in the pdf, there are pencil marks contained on the same layer as the security background, pencil marks that are common to both documents . they are also on the AP version. If Hawaii only gave Obama one document (the pdf?), how did the AP get a copy of the same document, a document without the security background but that still has the same pencil marks that are inextricable from the security background in the pdf file? In other words, you can.t just turn off the background layer on the pdf to produce the document the AP released.
Where did the AP version without the security background come from? Assuming the layers were created during the scanning process, it.s clear that the AP document was derived from the same scan as the pdf. That is evident by comparing the separated layers of the pdf in Illustrator side by side with the AP version. I don.t think anyone would contest that assertion since the so called .flaws. that are acknowledged by people on both sides of the issue but interpreted differently are common to both documents. It.s clear that the AP version has exactly the same layers as the pdf and the same flaws. The question is .how did the pencil marks get separated from the background layer in the AP version, since both are on the same layer in the pdf?.
A third pdf as the master file for both these documents MUST exist assuming the AP didn.t alter the one they were given by removing the green background. There are two alternatives I can think of. Hawaii gave Obama two versions of his BC derived from this third document, or the AP scanned a color copy of the pdf and removed the color background in the process, however, they have denied altering the document.
Another possibility would be a third pdf document that had the pencil marks separated from the security background, perhaps the final edit of a forgery before publication that was used to create both the layered pdf that is posted online as well as the .flat. AP version, and they slipped up and revealed the existence of this document by exporting two different versions that contain data proving the existence of a third master document."


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