So, what the heck is all this?

This site is dedicated to exposing the truth. Right now we're going to focus on this fake birth certificate that the Obama administration had the audacity to try and pass off as legitimate. Please excuse the crudeness of it; I had to put it up quickly. As you can see in the images here (or on your own), the PDF file they fed us was edited in Adobe Illustrator on 2011-04-27 at about 12:09p. See for yourself: open it in Adobe Reader, go to the file properties, and look at the metadata. And if you have Adobe Illustrator, open the PDF file in that, and look at the individual layers. Or you can just click the link below or browse up above and you can see the JPGs that I made from doing the same thing.

Click here to see the truth behind the PDF file they posted!

Click here for an excellent page from someone else who figured this out too!


If you have anything to contribute, please comment. I will be sure to read every comment. Let's all work together and stop the lies!!!

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